7 Best Ringworm Home Remedies!

Ringworm may sound like a funny name for a fungal infection, but if you have it, you probably aren’t laughing. Contrary to popular belief, ringworm isn’t a worm at all. Ringworm actually starts as a red, scaly patch either on the skin, nails or scalp. It looks like the images below.

Over time it starts to look like a series of rings with scaly borders. No matter how clean you stay, this fungus will find its way to you- there is no escaping it. Ringworm will not go away until you make it go away- and that’s where we come in. Below are 7 common household items that can help get rid of your ringworm.

Ringworm Remedy #1.Pure Tea Tree Oil

Better in: 2 - 4 weeks

Okay, now most people will not have tea tree oil just sitting in their house. If you do great! If you don't, no sweat. You can find it everywhere.

Tea tree oil is an extract from the leaves of the melaleuca plant. It has been used topically to treat skin conditions for centuries. Tea tree oil has potent anti-microbial properties that are effective in killing bacteria and fungi, including the fungus that causes ringworm. What makes tea tree oil so fantastic is that it also helps reduce inflammation, redness and irritation associated with ringworm.

How to Use:

  1. Thoroughly clean the affected area.
  2. Using a cotton ball or Q-Tip, apply 4-5 drops of tea tree oil to the infection.
  3. Repeat 2-3 times per day.
  4. Use the tea tree oil treatment for up to 28 days if necessary.

*If you do not see any improvement in your condition consult with your physician.

Ringworm Remedy #2. Clear Fingernail Polish

Better in: 3 - 5 weeks

Death by asphyxiation. Yes, it sounds strange, but it really works! Nail polish kills ringworm by suffocating the fungi. Once in fungus dies, your body will clear up your ringworm and your skin will look as good as new!

How to Use:

  1. Using a double-sided Q-Tip, completely cover the infected area with a coat of clear nail polish.
    (Make sure you don’t double dip, you don’t want to contaminate your nail polish.)
  2. After 8 hours, remove the polish with nail polish remover by soaking a paper towel patch in the remover and hold it over the ringworm spot for a few minutes.
  3. Let the area dry out for about 10 minutes and reapply the clear nail polish to the affected area.
  4. Continue this processes until the ringworm disappears.

Ringworm Remedy #3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Better in: 3 - 5 weeks

Apple cider vinegar is commonly referred to as a miracle home remedy. Apple cider vinegar has natural Anti-fungal properties, and matches human skin ph levels, making it safer to use then some other natural remedies.

How to Use:

  1. Soak a cotton ball or piece of gauze in apple cider vinegar
  2. Apply to to infected area for 30 minutes.
  3. Repeat 2-3 times per day for up to 4 weeks.
  4. The apple cider vinegar should burn less with every treatment

If any burning or blistering occurs stop treatment immediately and cleanse with mild soap and water!

Ringworm Remedy #4. Mustard Seed

Better in: 3 - 6 weeks

You might hold the mustard on your burger, but if you have ringworm, mustard will quickly become your favorite condiment. Ground mustard seed has amazing anti-fungal properties that are remarkable at killing even the toughest case of ringworm.

How to Use:

  1. Grind the mustard seed and mix with water to make a thick paste.
  2. Clean the affected area
  3. Generously apply the paste to the infected area allow the paste to dry completely and then rinse away the excess.
  4. Do this daily until the infection has cleared up for up to 4 weeks.

Ringworm Remedy #5. Aloe Vera Gel

Better in: 3 - 6 weeks

There is a reason people use aloe vera gel on sunburns. This plant reduces inflammation and irritation of the skin. Aloe vera is also a well known anti-septic with some anti-fungal properties that can help put a stop to your ringworm infection.

How to Use:

  1. Clean the affected area.
  2. Gently rub the Aloe Vera Gel on the ringworm about 3-4 times a day.
  3. Continue until your ringworm is GONE!

Ringworm Remedy #6. Baking Soda

Better in: 3 - 6 weeks

Baking Soda has been around since the 1500s. It is used in many recipes. But is a very versatile home remedy. Baking soda can balance PH levels and lower acidity. These properties are great for killing ringworm.

How to Use:

  1. In a clean bowl, mix equal parts of baking soda and luke warm water.
  2. Soak a cotton ball in the solution.
  3. Apply it directly to the infected area.
  4. Allow it to dry and cover with a band aid or ace wrap.
  5. Do this daily until the infection has cleared up for up to 4 weeks.

Be careful not to scrub to hard. This will result in irritating the infection and increase the possibility or the ringworm spreading.

Ringworm Remedy #7. Honey

Better in: 3 - 6 weeks

This sweet bad boy will sting that ringworm like a bee. Honey has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. These properties will get your healing on the right track.

How to Use:

  1. Make sure you have raw, organic, natural honey. (yes, you need the good stuff to have any chance of it working).
  2. Clean and dry the affected area.
  3. Apply a thin layer of honey over your ringworm.
  4. Let you skin absorb the honey (could take up to 1 hour).
  5. Repeat daily until the infection has cleared up.


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